Battery Best Practices


Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries have a natural lifespan due to electrolyte decomposition over time. This guide will help you to identify the causes of early battery degradation and how best to avoid them, as well as the warning signs, so you can get the most out of your mobile computer.

If your battery is inflated, cease using the computer and contact support.

Causes Of Early Battery Degradation

Suboptimal charge cycles

Batteries maintained at a high charge state will lose capacity faster. You can help prevent this accelerated process by not leaving your device connected to AC power at full charge for extended periods, in essence leave the battery at 100% as little as possible. Rather, try to ensure the device is regularly discharged below 50% before charging again.

Only use approved power supplies

Using power supplies that are not properly rated for your computer can lead to damage and severe battery degradation, which may include the battery inflating. Always match the voltage and amperage denoted on the bottom of your machine, taking care the match the connector type. Only use reputable brands from reputable sources. Contact Entroware support for approved power adapters.


External sources of heat or insulation will cause the battery to operate at temperatures outside of expected parameters, accelerating electrolyte decomposition. Avoid placing your computer on hot surfaces or using it on insulating/airflow hindering surfaces, such as blankets. Place your computer onto a flat rigid surface (such as a desk) so that the computer can properly manage airflow and cooling. This will have the added benefit of keeping other components cool, mitigating thermal throttling and improving overall performance.

Understanding Changes In Battery Usage

It is important to delineate battery capacity and battery usage when diagnosing reduced battery life. To do this, you need to determine any changes in usage that may have led to increased discharge, such as:

  • Increased screen brightness/ disabling screen timer
  • Increased keyboard backlight brightness/ disabling backlight timer
  • Increased use of Bluetooth and wireless networking
  • High power consumption from peripherals
  • Increased activity from background processes
  • Suspending the machine instead of shutting it down


If you need to store your device for a long period of time, it’s best to reduce the charge level to 40%-80% before storing and to regularly check the battery to ensure it has not drained to very low levels. Ensure the storage environment has regulated temperature and humidity.


Adopting best practices will delay the onset of battery degradation, however with age it becomes unavoidable. Battery degradation can be coupled with the battery inflating. If you believe that you battery is degrading within warranty, contact support. If you believe that your battery is inflating, cease using the computer immediately and contact support. If you are experiencing battery issues outside of warranty, contact support for recommended steps that can be tailored to your situation.