Install Steam on Ubuntu

Introduction to Steam

Steam is a game distribution platform developed by Valve. It provides users with easy game installation, automatic updating, as well as cloud storage for game saves. There are also community features such as friends, groups, and news.

Install Option 1 - Installing Steam using the App Center

Open the preinstalled Ubuntu Software application and search for steam. Then click on the menu item titled Steam with the Steam logo to the left similar to the image below.

Search for Steam in the App Center

Then click the Install button on the Steam application page. The correct page should also display Canonical with its verified badge as its publisher.

Canonical Published Steam Application

Install Option 2 - Installing Steam using a terminal

Open a terminal and enter the following command

1user@machine:~$ sudo snap install steam

The steam application is now installed.

Launch Steam

Now you're ready to launch Steam and log in. On first launch you will see window similar to the image below for a few moments while Steam downloads its remaining files and gets set up.

Steam Completing Install

After that has completed you will then be able to login and play your favourite Linux compatible games.

Steam Login Window